Finding a Fledgling Bird – What Should You Do?


Fledglings are young birds that have recently left the nest and are learning to fly. If you come across a fledgling bird, don’t be tempted to try and help. You may feel that they need rescuing but this is not the case. They are in a crucial stage of development where they are learning to […]

Our South West Commercial Bird Proofing and Control Clients

south west bird proofing and control

We often share examples of bird and pest control work completed on our social media pages but we thought we would share a bit more detail on what is involved in our south west commercial bird proofing and control services with examples of the work that we have carried out for some of our regular […]

Arrange Your Bird Proofing Site Survey for Next Season

bird proofing site survey

For those of you that are looking for bird proofing solutions, unfortunately, it’s a little too late for this season. This is because the seagulls have started nesting already and very soon their young will hatch. As all wild birds are protected, it is illegal to interfere with their nests which means that you can do […]

A Busy Bird Proofing Season for the Team

south west bird proofing projects

With nesting season imminent, it’s a busy time for the team at Falcon Environmental Services. In fact, it’s been non-stop but we’re not complaining. We love being busy and we can’t complain when the weather is this beautiful. Let’s take a look at some examples of our recent South West bird proofing projects and those […]

How to Scare Birds Away

scaring birds away

As we head into bird nesting season, our first piece of advice has to be to ensure you exercise effective bird proofing methods however, if you are reading this after the fact, all is not lost. While prevention is better than cure, there are ways to get rid of those nuisance birds without breaking any […]

The Birds Are Coming

bird proofing for chimneys

At this time of year in early January, you may be forgiven for thinking that you don’t have to worry about nuisance birds such as seagulls and pigeons. The only bird sounds waking you up are probably the lovely bird song of the wrens, sparrows, blackbirds and finches that can start as early as 4am. […]

Protect Your Property Before the Birds Return

bird proof your property

Throughout the summer, the familiar squawking of seagulls or the noise of pigeons on your roof may have woken you up early in the morning, or presented distractions to you and your staff/visitors at work. You may have seen these nuisance birds perched on top of your roof as they made themselves at home and […]

Rising Above the Rest with Our Church Bird Proofing Services

church/cathedral bird proofing

For those of you that are familiar with the work of Falcon Environmental Services, you will probably be aware that our slogan is “Rising Above the Rest”. Never has that been quite as apt as with this most recent project which has kept the team at Falcon busy. As you can see from the many […]

The Various Bird Control Methods and How They Work

bird control methods

During the summer months, effective bird control becomes much harder than at other times of the year. The reason for this is that the birds are nesting, and it is illegal to interfere with birds’ nests. Instead, we have to wait for the birds to fledge and to leave the nest or work around the […]