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Our South West Commercial Bird Proofing and Control Clients

south west bird proofing and control

We often share examples of bird and pest control work completed on our social media pages but we thought we would share a bit more detail on what is involved in our south west commercial bird proofing and control services with examples of the work that we have carried out for some of our regular commercial clients, both large and small across the counties of Devon and Cornwall. 

Commercial Bird Proofing and Control

Our bird proofing and bird control services are popular with businesses for a number of reasons. Whether it’s bird proofing to make certain areas inhospitable to potentially nesting birds, or flying our hawks over the vicinity to deter nuisance birds from taking up residence, we offer an extensive range of highly effective bird control and proofing methods/programmes that protect businesses from the perils of such pests. Nesting birds are very costly for business and can cause a number of issues including:

  • Delays to projects – it is illegal to remove a birds nest once established and this can cause delays to building projects which can end up costing tens of thousands of pounds 
  • Damage to buildings – nesting birds can often cause damage to buildings from the debris of their nests to the bird droppings which can cause damage to old stone work 
  • Health and safety risks – bird droppings can carry a multitude of diseases and harmful bacteria
  • Threat to customers – food businesses etc can attract menacing seagulls that like to prey on those with food 

It is therefore critical that businesses can protect their premises and projects from such threats. Prevention is extremely important and keeping birds at bay in the first instance is far less costly and time consuming than trying to deal with a seagull or pigeon problem once they have made their nests. 

Examples of our South West Commercial Clients

Plymouth Argyle FC

We are delighted to have been working with Plymouth Argyle for three years now providing bird control services to keep the population of nuisance birds under control. The service that we provide includes an annual hawking programme of monthly flights. 

Plymouth Argyle have actually invested in the consistency of delivering a regular hawking system throughout every month of the year rather than just during the nesting season. This has resulted in keeping the numbers low and minimising the issues when it comes to peak nesting season and shown terrific results in keeping the birds from coming back. By employing this consistent approach it produces highly effective results in keeping the numbers down on an ongoing basis. 

plymouth argyle bird control


We have also been contracted to carry out bird proofing at one of the local sites of the NHS. We installed a magnificent bird netting system which covered a huge area. This is one of the biggest and best projects that we have delivered and we are really proud of the results that we have achieved. 

Being on the edge of Dartmoor, this particular site has had to contend with some serious weather conditions but, due to the effectiveness of the bird netting system, it has still managed to keep the birds at bay. We carry out an annual inspection which is essential to maintaining its longevity to ensure that the netting is effective and doesn’t endanger local wildlife due to wear and tear. This particular site has actually been nest free for over two years now. 

Cornwall Council

The hawking programme that we have delivered at New County Hall in Truro has delivered the intended result of deterring birds from nesting on the roof. This has enabled CBRE Global Workspace Solutions to complete a Solar Panel Installation project without any delays due to nesting birds. 

In this instance we installed an audio deterrent called BirdAlert® to work alongside the hawking program. BirdAlert® is an innovative bird control system that monitors the site 24/7 using an advanced microphone. As a bird reaches the area, BirdAlert® identifies the species by analysing their calls.

When a specific nuisance bird is identified in the area, in this case it was seagulls, it activates one of five input options and a built-in distress call rings out of the systems speakers, which scare the birds away. The BirdAlert® system then analyses if the sought-out effect is achieved, and if not, it reactivates.

Combining a regular hawking program with BirdAlert® offers the visual deterrent alongside the audio which increases the success and reduces the chances of the birds becoming habituated with the noise.   

We are pleased with the results we have achieved for this site. 

bird hawking as a deterrent


Callidus are an amazing solar panel company that we are currently working with on two sites. Both sites are notorious for nesting birds as they are on the river Tamar. The hawking program has varied depending on bird population, however the flights have been intensive with 3 – 5 visits per week. 

On one of the sites there was a lot of moss, vegetation and other debris that could have been used as nesting material. To ensure a success hawking program we arranged for our specialist cleaning team to clear the roof. A challenging job but one that was worth the effort as we have been successful in keeping the roof clear of nesting birds. 

These are just a handful of our large commercial clients but by no means an exhaustive list. We also carry out bird proofing and bird control for Mitie, ForFarmers, Plymouth Argyle, University of Plymouth, NHS and more. 

What our Commercial Bird Services Clients Say

We have achieved lots of positive results for our clients who continue to use our services on an ongoing basis. This most recent feedback comes from Callidus who are very happy with the service that we have provided…

“We have recently started using Falcon Environmental Services for a number of large commercial solar panel installations in the Plymouth area, both sites located on the river Tamar and a history of nesting birds. From the very beginning it has been a joy to work with Kerry, Matt, and the team. The results have been fantastic, we have gone from having hundreds of birds on a roof to a dozen in a matter of weeks. I would not hesitate to use Falcon for future projects and I would recommend them to anyone that needs any Hawking needs.”

You will often see our guys on site, or witness our hawks flying as they patrol the South West skies. We are committed to providing a first class service from a highly skilled and experienced team and would be happy to talk to you about the South West bird proofing and control services we provide. Contact us on 01752 929292 for more information. 

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ken miller
ken miller
Had a very large wasp nest in my loft, which was sorted very quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Sophie Stubbs
Sophie Stubbs
Absolutely fantastic service from Matthew. Good communication, kept to time and made us feel as ease about having pests on the house! Thank you so much!
We had a great service from Falcon. They were efficient. Responsive and informative. Mo (Mohammad) was really friendly, kind, efficient and gave us great information that was really interesting. We had been struggling with a hornets nest, he advised it was the biggest he had seen. He was really kind and gave a great service and they have all gone now! I highly recommend Falcon and their team, from when I called up to the end result was 5*. Khara Pierre
daniel m
daniel m
Again! Falcon environmental services to the rescue. Excellent service from matthew and the team at Falcon environmental. Expert knowledge as always! Very informative. Solved the pest control problem i had. Would highly recommend. 5 star service.
Jan Smith
Jan Smith
Can highly recommend Falcon. The office staff were very professional, polite and communication excellent informing me when & what time visits were to happen. Mo visited several times & was always courteous, informed me what he was going to do & showed me pictures of the loft so I could see what he was doing. He answered questions & was reassuring. Good experience all round
Susan Williams
Susan Williams
Customer service excellent and certainly know what they are doing. Communication good and immediate response to my initial approach. Mo, the gentleman who attended was very knowledgeable and a lovely man. We would recommend this company.
Rose Chapman
Rose Chapman
I was recommended Falcon to remove a wasp nest from the fascia’s which turned out to be two nests. I can’t rate them highly enough and their quick response was thoroughly followed up until completely sorted. They are honest, friendly and reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend them. It is great to support local people who are good at their work and this is a team who really deserve exactly this. Thank you.
Ros Durston
Ros Durston
I received a highly professional and genuinely caring service. I would not hesitate to recommend them and to use them again.
Kate Jennings
Kate Jennings
Matthew was extremely thorough and very professional and informative. It was unnecessary to take any further steps as there was no evidence of mice.

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