A Successful Week for our Farming Pest Control Team

It was a busy week for the team at Falcon Environmental Services last week as one of our jobs was to control the rodent problem on a local farm. The team and the dogs worked really hard and certainly showed they meant business with the capture of 20 rats. Effective farming pest control Farming pest […]

Environmentally friendly Plymouth rodent control

Plymouth pest control specialists

If you have rats in your Plymouth garden or house, you may be concerned about how to get rid of them without endangering your dog or other pets. Many rat baits can be ingested in a hidden place but then a rat can go somewhere else to die. Alternatively, if using a rat block without […]

The problem with Rats and Mice in your Plymouth home

rats looking for food

Now we don’t want to scare you or try and create panic but we thought it might be useful to share a little more insight into why you don’t want rats and mice in your Plymouth home. Apart from the fact that many people are scared of the four legged rodents, there are some other […]