Bee Swarm Relocation

bee swarm relocation

Falcon Environmental Services have always had a keen interest in saving the bees. In fact, we have safely removed and re-homed them on numerous occasions with the help of the professionals. We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have now teamed up with local beekeepers, @thesixbees to save even more bees and offer a […]

Wasps, bees, hoverflies and how to tell the difference

Plymouth pest control consultants

As the weather starts to warm up, we start to see insects of the stinging variety appearing. The trouble is it can be difficult to know whether the insect is harmful or not, whether it will sting, how bad the sting will be and if it will sting repeatedly. As Plymouth pest control consultants, we […]

It’s been a busy summer so far at Falcon Environmental Services

For the pest and bird control team at Falcon, it has been a very busy summer so far. In part this is due to the prolonged spate of hot weather which has had an impact on the amount of Plymouth insects and their nests. Wasp nests, ants, flies and bees are the most common problems […]

The importance of protecting Plymouth bees

Bees are a species of insect that we often take for granted, much like butterflies, however it is very important not to underestimate how vital these creatures are to the worlds economy and food supply and why we rely on them so much. With over 20,000 species of bee around the world and 270 in […]