When You Know Autumn Has Arrived!


How can you tell when it’s Autumn? Simple, you start finding spiders in your house.  There are some that put conkers in the corner of the room as spiders are supposed to be scared of them. Others just calmly remove them and put them outside. Some scream wildly and get someone else to remove them. […]

Autumn Pest Checklist

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As we head into the autumn, leaving a strange summer behind us, we take a look at what pests you can expect to find in or around your property. Of course, many pests are around all year round but our homes and properties are more likely to become home to unwanted guests at certain times of year.  Wasps  […]

Venomous Spiders Heading Indoors

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A warm, wet summer and an increased number in flies are to blame for an increase in the number of spiders that we are seeing this autumn. Unfortunately for some, these spiders are venomous and across the country, there are reports of spiders causing nasty boil-like blisters. Now we don’t want to cause panic, but if […]