Rats – What to Expect and What Action to Take

rat control Plymouth

Perish the thought that a rat does find its way into your property. Whether you are extremely squeamish or whether you are entirely nonplussed, what can you expect and what action should you take if you suspect of discover rodents in your Plymouth property? It is about that time of year – the temperatures have […]

Pest control for nursing and residential homes

While many of our Plymouth customers are residential, we also receive a lot of enquiries from local businesses. Now there are some businesses that have more of a call for our services than others but one area in which we need to be extremely careful and vigilant is pest control for residential and nursing homes. […]

10 Facts About Rats and Mice

Rodents are not mammals you want to share your home with. Rats and mice in Plymouth cause huge problems so let’s take a closer look at their intelligence, how common they are the problems they can cause. #1 Rats and mice are fast learners This means that when anything new is introduced into their environment, […]

Choosing Plymouth Pest Control Services

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Nobody wants a pest invasion at their Plymouth home which is why it is important to be able to call on the services of reliable Plymouth pest control services. It can be very unsettling and upsetting for those who hate the thought of sharing their home with undesirable creatures. Going to bed at night with […]

There’s a rat in my Plymouth kitchen, what am I gonna do?

rodent facts

Some of you will be singing that in your head now. For those that it doesn’t strike a chord with we can only apologise. Now whilst the thought of a rat in the kitchen may have you standing on the tables or chairs in fear, the reality is quite something else. No-one wants to find […]