What to do if under threat from a seagull

seagull attack

Many of you will have seen the disturbing story in the news recently of the seagull that swooped down and snatched poor Chihuahua, Gizmo from his Devon garden. This has posed the question as to whether seagulls are becoming more aggressive and what can be done to stop them.┬áIt has also caused some alarm among […]

The Seagulls are Starting to Nest

Plymouth seagulls nesting

It may still be February but with the weather already turning a bit warmer, our attentions turn to preventing those Plymouth seagulls nesting . While they may not be making their presence felt just yet, given the chance to nest and roost, it won’t be long before we once again see a local population increase […]

Are Plymouth Seagulls and Pigeons causing a problem?

plymouth pigeon and seagull control

Plymouth seagulls and pigeons are becoming increasingly problematic. More and more people are looking to find a solution to the problems that they cause. As a coastal area with a high population and a busy city centre, the area is a prime target for both gulls and pigeons. From the people eating their ice cream […]