Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Plymouth Pests

Plymouth pest prevention

The trouble with pests, whether that be rats, mice, seagulls or pigeons, is that once they make themselves at home they tend to cause damage or make a nuisance of themselves. That is why, when it comes to Plymouth pest prevention, it pays to think ahead. It is understandable that for many of us, we […]

Did you know that April is Pest Management month?

Plymouth pest control specialists

Pests are a problem all year round in one form or another but April is the month to celebrate us Plymouth pest control specialists whose job it is to serve local homes and businesses to rid them of unwanted pests. Pests come in all shapes and sizes and while some are more of a concern […]

Bird proofing your Plymouth school

seagull attack

At Falcon Environmental Services we get many calls about nuisance birds who have decided to make their homes in all sorts of inconvenient places. From under motorway bridges to train stations, town centres and coastal areas, it seems that these birds don’t discriminate and will look for anywhere warm, dry and safe to lay their […]

The Steps to Effective Bird Control at Train Stations

Travel hubs are places where large numbers of people gather and where people are, pests will surely follow. Train stations in the south-west are no different. With over 2.5 million passengers passing through Plymouth train station each year, the second busiest in Devon, management of the station concourse and platforms is a 24-hour, seven day […]

Devon Bird Control – Bridges, Highways and Tunnels

We have talked a lot about birds like seagulls and pigeons nesting on the roofs or eaves of property but there are many places in which they like to take up residence. As well as seeing nuisance birds around seaside towns and city centres, there are other places where they can become a nuisance. Basically […]

Are Plymouth Seagulls and Pigeons causing a problem?

plymouth pigeon and seagull control

Plymouth seagulls and pigeons are becoming increasingly problematic. More and more people are looking to find a solution to the problems that they cause. As a coastal area with a high population and a busy city centre, the area is a prime target for both gulls and pigeons. From the people eating their ice cream […]

Get rid of the nuisance birds affecting your Devon or Cornwall property

Pigeons on roof

Nuisance birds can do untold damage if left unchecked. Whilst you may have birds nesting on your roof and think that they may not be doing any harm up there then you need to consider the true cost of not dealing with these birds. Whilst you may not be noticing a problem in the short […]