Falcon – The Pest Detectives

Here at Falcon, we like to think of ourselves as more than just pest controllers. We are in fact, pest detectives. Our work is not always as easy as just walking into a property and scooping up a mouse or rat and removing it. These creatures are extremely clever, with the ability to sneak into […]

Commercial Pest Control for Plymouth and the South West

When it comes to South West commercial pest control, at Falcon Environmental Services, we offer our expertise to an extensive range of businesses. From large commercial sites in Plymouth to small local shops and business in the surrounding towns and villages, we can help. Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, flies… if pests are a concern for […]

The Problem with DIY Pest Control

diy pest control

There’s a mouse beneath the floor boards or living in that gap behind the sink and you are convinced you can get rid of it yourself. You expectantly leave traps out at night, only to discover that the clever creature has evaded your trap and is still taking advantage as an unwelcome house guest. So, […]

Autumn Pest Checklist

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As we head into the autumn, leaving a strange summer behind us, we take a look at what pests you can expect to find in or around your property. Of course, many pests are around all year round but our homes and properties are more likely to become home to unwanted guests at certain times of year.  Wasps  […]

5 Tips for Keeping Plymouth Pests Away

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We are not here to tell you that you can stop Plymouth pests setting up home in or around your Plymouth property. If they decide they want to find a way in, they usually do. What we can do though is offer you some prevention tips along with what to do if you do encounter […]

Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Plymouth Pests

Plymouth pest prevention

The trouble with pests, whether that be rats, mice, seagulls or pigeons, is that once they make themselves at home they tend to cause damage or make a nuisance of themselves. That is why, when it comes to Plymouth pest prevention, it pays to think ahead. It is understandable that for many of us, we […]

Is it Time to Call the Plymouth Pest Exterminators?


Are you hearing scratching in the night? Do you suspect that there is something living in your garden or are you having a problem with itchy and scratchy pet problems? Whether it’s rats, mice, fleas or any other number of unwanted house guests of the insect or rodent variety then you need the help of […]

Now is the time for the Rats and Mice to head inside

Plymouth pest control specialists

As the weather turns colder and we head into winter, it’s that time of year when Plymouth rats and mice will be looking to head inside. They don’t want to be outside battling the elements in the wind and rain with freezing cold temperatures. They want a warm and cosy place to shelter and build […]

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Nuisance Flies and Insects in Your Establishment

Fly shield solo

A typical problem that we often come across is nuisance flies. across Plymouth and the South West, these nuisance insects are everywhere. Wherever there is food or drink, there are nuisance flies close by. Of course, exercising extreme good hygiene and keeping food covered and out of sight is the most effective way to keep […]