Rodent Entry Points – How Are They Getting In?

rodent facts

During the colder, wetter winter months, we receive a lot of calls about rats and mice infiltrating homes and making themselves comfortable. At Falcon, while are always on hand to come out and assess the situation and resolve your rodent problem, we also like to stress the importance of prevention and how to stop rodents […]

Do You Have Rats or Mice – How to Tell the Difference

how to tell if rats or mice

Scratchings in the middle of the night, chewed wires and unexplained droppings are all signs that you have a rodent problem. But how do you know for sure and how can you tell, in the first instance, what type of rodent it is? We take a look at how to tell if you have rats […]

Why the ‘DIY’ Use of Rodenticides is Such a Problem

At Falcon, we regularly receive calls from people who have tried to deal with their rat issue themselves, only to find that not only has the problem not gone away, but it has also got worse. Often, they use rodenticides to try and deal with these nuisance pests wasting time and money and then calling […]

10 Interesting Rodent Facts

rodent facts

When it comes to rodent facts, fact number 1 has to be that rats and mice, particularly in the colder months of the year, will look for somewhere warm and dry to set up home, preferably near a food source! There is a saying that you are never far from a rat and while this […]

Professional Commercial Rodent Control 

professional commercial pest control

We’ve heard stories in the press recently about rats chewing through petrol station data cables bringing the price of fuel down and 1800 Plymouth residents being left without internet after rats chewed through the cables. The only winners in this scenario were the people who managed to get their fuel cheaper. For the businesses, it […]

The Problem with DIY Pest Control

diy pest control

There’s a mouse beneath the floor boards or living in that gap behind the sink and you are convinced you can get rid of it yourself. You expectantly leave traps out at night, only to discover that the clever creature has evaded your trap and is still taking advantage as an unwelcome house guest. So, […]

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Plymouth rodent proofing

How many times have we heard the term “prevention is better than cure” before? It is especially appropriate when it comes to rodent proofing your property. It’s that time of year when those furry nuisances (and we are referring to rats and mice) don’t want to be spending their winter in your garden – they […]

Autumn Pest Checklist

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As we head into the autumn, leaving a strange summer behind us, we take a look at what pests you can expect to find in or around your property. Of course, many pests are around all year round but our homes and properties are more likely to become home to unwanted guests at certain times of year.  Wasps  […]

Rats – What to Expect and What Action to Take

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Perish the thought that a rat does find its way into your property. Whether you are extremely squeamish or whether you are entirely nonplussed, what can you expect and what action should you take if you suspect of discover rodents in your Plymouth property? It is about that time of year – the temperatures have […]

Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Comes to Plymouth Pests

Plymouth pest prevention

The trouble with pests, whether that be rats, mice, seagulls or pigeons, is that once they make themselves at home they tend to cause damage or make a nuisance of themselves. That is why, when it comes to Plymouth pest prevention, it pays to think ahead. It is understandable that for many of us, we […]