Cluster Flies – What Are They and How To Deal With Them?

cluster flies

Autumn is the season when it’s not unusual to find cluster flies in your home, especially in your attic, garage or shed spaces. At this time of year, they look for somewhere to hibernate until spring when they will make their way back outside. They, like most flies, are attracted to light and warmth and […]

Spring is almost in the air

Ants crawling on food summer pests

Spring is almost upon us and the days are getting longer! Although we might experience a little more cold weather before we finally see the full effects of spring time in Plymouth and Devon, it won’t be long before we see the spring blossom, lambs in the fields and unfortunately pests in out home. While […]

With winter approaching what pests might infiltrate your Plymouth home? 


It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be at risk of pests infiltrating your home. In fact, winter is a busy time for Plymouth pests who look for somewhere warm to make their home. Rats and Mice in your Plymouth home Rats and mice are probably the most common problem. […]