Is it Time to Call Out the Plymouth Mole Catcher?

Many of us are lucky enough to not suffer at the hands of miles in our gardens, considering them to be cute little creatures that live in fields. For those that are unfortunate enough to have these nocturnal visitors, they can be a real pain destroying grass, plants, flower beds and farmers crops. That is […]

Why the ‘DIY’ Use of Rodenticides is Such a Problem

At Falcon, we regularly receive calls from people who have tried to deal with their rat issue themselves, only to find that not only has the problem not gone away, but it has also got worse. Often, they use rodenticides to try and deal with these nuisance pests wasting time and money and then calling […]

How to tell if you have a Plymouth pest problem

Plymouth pest problem

Sometimes we don’t realise we have a Plymouth pest problem until it is too late and they have either caused damage to our property or given us a real fright in the night. There are many different types of pest ranging from the small and harmless (but still not something we want to be sharing […]