The Growing Threat of Asian Hornets to UK Bees

asian hornet nest

Unfortunately, there have been a record number of sightings of Asian hornets in the UK recently which is raising fears of catastrophic consequences for the country’s bee populations. We take a look at the threat of Asian hornets to both bees and humans and what you should do if you suspect hornet activity nearby.  What […]

Commercial Pest Control for Plymouth and the South West

When it comes to South West commercial pest control, at Falcon Environmental Services, we offer our expertise to an extensive range of businesses. From large commercial sites in Plymouth to small local shops and business in the surrounding towns and villages, we can help. Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, flies… if pests are a concern for […]

Professional Commercial Rodent Control 

professional commercial pest control

We’ve heard stories in the press recently about rats chewing through petrol station data cables bringing the price of fuel down and 1800 Plymouth residents being left without internet after rats chewed through the cables. The only winners in this scenario were the people who managed to get their fuel cheaper. For the businesses, it […]