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Anti-Viral Fogging – How Falcon Can Help

anti-viral fogging services

Keeping your staff and customers safe, reducing staff sickness and giving you peace of mind with our South West anti-viral fogging services.

The unfortunate events of 2020 have made businesses and consumers super-conscious of hygiene. While we thought me may start to see the resumption of some kind of normality as we head into 2021, it seems we may have been overly optimistic. In fact, with new strains of the virus that are even more contagious, we now have to exercise more caution than ever before. While a national lockdown will go some way to reducing the risk, there is no way that human contact can be reduced entirely or that we can prevent the spread of the virus from the essential everyday tasks that still have to be undertaken. It is critical that everything, everywhere, where possible, is cleaned regularly to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

Hygiene Measures to Stop the Spread

There are some hygiene measures that we can all take to stop the spread. These are set out in very clear messages from the government and scientific advisors. Wash your hands, sanitise them, wear masks, wear gloves and reduce your contact with others as much as possible. Even this doesn’t make us resistant to picking up the virus but it does go some way to minimising the risk of transmission. Until the vaccination programme has been rolled out across the UK, and we have seen the most vulnerable and at risk categories vaccinated, we have to take every precaution necessary.

Introducing Anti-Viral Fogging

Deep Cleaning with Anti-Viral Fogging

Cleaning is one option but there is only so much that one person can do with disinfectant and cloths. A much more rigorous method of cleaning is required – enter anti-viral fogging! A fogging treatment is so much more successful in reaching every inch of your business or premises. It can sanitise the whole room from the ceiling to the floors and all of those hard to reach places. The anti-viral fogging system that we use will kill 99.999% of pathogens, not only killing the virus but also many other harmful bacteria.

Keeping Businesses Safe

With masks and hand sanitisers the everyday norm, it is now more important than ever that local businesses employ every tactic they can to eradicate the virus in the areas that they are operating. From catering businesses that operate a collection service, to supermarkets that are frequented by customers daily, there are so many ways in which the virus can be transmitted. There are even questions around whether the packaging of products can transmit the virus. While it is virtually impossible to eradicate the virus through cleaning alone, a more aggressive approach to cleaning is required.

Protecting Staff and Customers

The primary motivation of most of the customers that we provide our anti-viral fogging service for is to protect everyone from the Covid-19 virus. Used regularly, anti-viral fogging can ensure that their premises are kept sanitised and that they minimise the risk of spreading the virus. Regular deep cleaning will ensure that you are making every effort to protect yourselves, your staff and your customers from catching the virus.

Other Benefits to Anti-Viral Fogging

Reducing Staff Sickness

While it is largely down to Covid-19 that we have seen an increase in demand for commercial anti-viral fogging, it has highlighted many other benefits. For businesses, this treatment is providing an effective barrier against 99.99% of pathogens including cold and flu viruses and other bacteria.

Staff sickness is a huge cost to businesses and one that can be avoiding by reducing the chance of catching something at work. With regular fogging, you can maintain a hygienic environment free from germs and reduce the impact that sickness has on your business. Across the course of the year this will save you both time and money. By purchasing the equipment from us, you can carry out the fogging regularly, at your own convenience.

Giving Customers Peace of Mind

Without customers where would we be? Operating a safe and effective environment for our customers means they will feel safer when visiting our premises. This could be a gym, restaurant, pub, garage… in fact, anywhere that is open to the public. Using or touching things that others have touched, and sitting where others have sat, are all things that people have a heightened awareness of. Providing a barrier against pathogens offers your customers peace of mind.

business deep cleaning
Our team offer a professional and effective service

Who are our Anti-Viral Fogging Services Suitable For?

Businesses that have more than one member of staff or customers that frequent the premises are well-advised to consider anti-viral fogging. If you are the only person that visits your business and no-one else enters the building, you are not going to transmit the virus or be susceptible to it at work. However, once you start to factor in people from outside your bubble, the risks increase. If you work with another person, or a team or people, if you have customers visiting your premises or receive regular deliveries, then you need to start looking at the increased risks of passing on or contracting the viruses.

An Extensive List of Customers

We have an extensive list of customers ranging from Plymouth Argyle Football Club to local MOT centres and gymnasiums. At Plymouth argyle for example, we treat their changing rooms, their offices, their communal areas and their transport for an away game. Our list of customers doesn’t end there though. In fact, anti-viral fogging is suitable for the following:

    • Restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs and other catering establishments where food or drink is served
    • Hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations such as Air BnB
    • Leisure centres, gymnasiums and other sporting venues
    • Children play centres and indoor attractions
    • Offices including staff and visitor areas
    • Shops, shopping centres and retail unit
    • MOT and vehicle servicing centres
    • Public transport vehicles including trains, buses, coaches, taxis, airplanes, cruise ships and boats

Public transport is an area where people feel extremely vulnerable. They are getting on after other people have been on and touched the hand rails, the bells, the seats etc. We have worked with many businesses to treat buses, boats, ships and other carriers that are frequented by passengers. Imagine the volume of people that use public transport and how much of a super spreader this can be.

Having Your Home Treated

While many focus on their businesses as a primary concern, we have actually carried out anti-viral fogging services at people’s homes. It may be that they work in a high risk environment and are concerned about bringing the virus into their homes or that they have had work carried out and have had work men in and out. Often, it is just the peace of mind that people are looking for, especially those that are more vulnerable.

How Does it Work?

What is the Treatment?

As the name suggests, it is a fogging treatment. It uses a disinfectant fog that kills 99.999% of known pathogens. We use machines that fog the area. Dressed in white overalls, we spray the entire room, or areas to be treated, then it dries and the rooms is perfectly safe to enter. Of course, if you have food out on the surfaces, you will need to cover it and make sure that food cupboards etc are closed but there is very little downtime.

How Often is it Required?

The answer to how often the treatment should be carried out depends on a number of factors:

  • How many different visitors come and go in your business?
  • How often are your premises frequented by someone other than yourself?
  • Have you had a confirmed case at your business? Often, this is a time when you may want to take those extra precautions.
  • Have you been open to the public and now closed for lockdown?
  • How virulent is the virus in your local area?

We are happy to work with you to come up with a schedule. Of course, it may not be practical to have the treatment carried out every day for example. Having us in daily to carry out anti-viral fogging services for example, could be too much.

Do You Have to Close Your Business?

The good news is that there is no downtime with this particular treatment. You don’t have to close the business for 24 hours for the fog to do its work. We will go in to your empty business and carry out the treatment to suit you. Once we are done, you are safe to open your doors again. The anti-viral fogging treatment will reach all those hard to reach places such as the ceilings, the floors, the walls and areas where you can’t get to with human hands.

A Thorough and Effective Solution

This virus is ever changing and it is hard to say what will happen next. One minute we think we are winning and then the virus mutates, changes and is more transmissible. While we are not experts in Covid-19, we are very effective at what we do and you can be assured that we will carry out a thorough and effective fogging of your premises.

We Can Provide the Equipment

If you feel that you would require our anti-viral fogging treatment too often to make it viable, we can provide the equipment for you to do it yourself. This includes both the equipment and the treatment used. The treatment that we deliver is 99.999% effective against pathogens so you know that you are getting the best.

commercial anti-viral fogging services

Our Anti-Viral Fogging Training

If you would prefer to carry out this treatment and have the means to do so when it suits you, we can not only provide the equipment but also train you how to use it. This means that you can use the treatment at your convenience, when required, if you prefer this option. We are already working with many commercial organisations across the South West providing anti-viral fogging training to teams in house so that they can operate the equipment themselves. We have already worked with many businesses to supply the equipment and to show them how to use it effectively to treat their premises.

Recommended by Many

Previous to the pandemic, anti-viral fogging was a service we carried out mainly on ships and boats. Often cruise ships are like a sitting duck for bugs – we hear stories of how they have had to dock due to viruses or bacteria transmitting among the passengers. We travelled around the world treating ships that were docked and found it to be a highly effective service. Because of our previous work, we are highly experienced in this field and know what we are doing. It became apparent, when the outbreak of Covid-19 first occurred, that this treatment could be an effective way to treat local businesses too.

ship fumigation

Working with Many Local Businesses

Having a good reputation locally is extremely important to us and we have been fortunate to work with many fantastic business such as Plymouth Argyle, Gem Scaffolding, Elite Gym, Total Fitness Gym, Staddiscombe Garage, One Less Worry Payroll… the list goes on – pubs, restaurants, gyms, schools etc. We have many testimonials and positive feedback from our clients who are happy to recommend us.

Not Just Local

Because we can provide the equipment and clear instructions on how to use it, we aren’t just confined to servicing the local area. We can distribute the equipment and advise you how to use it. In fact, we have customers across Europe who are seeking our advice on how to deliver the anti-viral fogging treatment themselves. In certain circumstances, we are prepared to travel to help those business further afield, if it is permissible.

Matt and the team at Falcon pride themselves on their attention to detail and levels of customer service. We like to leave a great impression wherever we go. We are confident that you will be happy with the service provided. to receive more information about our commercial anti-viral fogging services, the equipment and the training that we provide, contact us on 01752 929292.


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ken miller
Had a very large wasp nest in my loft, which was sorted very quickly and professionally. Would definitely recommend and use again.
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Sophie Stubbs
Absolutely fantastic service from Matthew. Good communication, kept to time and made us feel as ease about having pests on the house! Thank you so much!
We had a great service from Falcon. They were efficient. Responsive and informative. Mo (Mohammad) was really friendly, kind, efficient and gave us great information that was really interesting. We had been struggling with a hornets nest, he advised it was the biggest he had seen. He was really kind and gave a great service and they have all gone now! I highly recommend Falcon and their team, from when I called up to the end result was 5*. Khara Pierre
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daniel m
Again! Falcon environmental services to the rescue. Excellent service from matthew and the team at Falcon environmental. Expert knowledge as always! Very informative. Solved the pest control problem i had. Would highly recommend. 5 star service.
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Jan Smith
Can highly recommend Falcon. The office staff were very professional, polite and communication excellent informing me when & what time visits were to happen. Mo visited several times & was always courteous, informed me what he was going to do & showed me pictures of the loft so I could see what he was doing. He answered questions & was reassuring. Good experience all round
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Susan Williams
Customer service excellent and certainly know what they are doing. Communication good and immediate response to my initial approach. Mo, the gentleman who attended was very knowledgeable and a lovely man. We would recommend this company.
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Rose Chapman
I was recommended Falcon to remove a wasp nest from the fascia’s which turned out to be two nests. I can’t rate them highly enough and their quick response was thoroughly followed up until completely sorted. They are honest, friendly and reliable and I would not hesitate to recommend them. It is great to support local people who are good at their work and this is a team who really deserve exactly this. Thank you.
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Ros Durston
I received a highly professional and genuinely caring service. I would not hesitate to recommend them and to use them again.
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Kate Jennings
Matthew was extremely thorough and very professional and informative. It was unnecessary to take any further steps as there was no evidence of mice.

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