Ten Pest Control Myths Debunked

pest control myths

From the idea that mice like cheese to the notion that spraying bug repellent will keep away all pests, there are a lot of myths out there. Unfortunately, these myths can lead to false assumptions and ultimately poor pest control decisions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss ten common pest control myths and provide the […]

The Growing Threat of Asian Hornets to UK Bees

asian hornet nest

Unfortunately, there have been a record number of sightings of Asian hornets in the UK recently which is raising fears of catastrophic consequences for the country’s bee populations. We take a look at the threat of Asian hornets to both bees and humans and what you should do if you suspect hornet activity nearby.  What […]

Our South West Commercial Bird Proofing and Control Clients

south west bird proofing and control

We often share examples of bird and pest control work completed on our social media pages but we thought we would share a bit more detail on what is involved in our south west commercial bird proofing and control services with examples of the work that we have carried out for some of our regular […]

Pest Control for Squirrels

While they are among the cuter pests that you will encounter the grey squirrel can be extremely destructive and harmful to your property. We take a look at the problems that grey squirrels can cause and why it is so important to exercise effective pest control for squirrels. Grey Squirrels are not actually native to […]

Rodent Entry Points – How Are They Getting In?

rodent facts

During the colder, wetter winter months, we receive a lot of calls about rats and mice infiltrating homes and making themselves comfortable. At Falcon, while are always on hand to come out and assess the situation and resolve your rodent problem, we also like to stress the importance of prevention and how to stop rodents […]

Falcon – The Pest Detectives

Here at Falcon, we like to think of ourselves as more than just pest controllers. We are in fact, pest detectives. Our work is not always as easy as just walking into a property and scooping up a mouse or rat and removing it. These creatures are extremely clever, with the ability to sneak into […]

Cluster Flies – What Are They and How To Deal With Them?

cluster flies

Autumn is the season when it’s not unusual to find cluster flies in your home, especially in your attic, garage or shed spaces. At this time of year, they look for somewhere to hibernate until spring when they will make their way back outside. They, like most flies, are attracted to light and warmth and […]

Commercial Pest Control for Plymouth and the South West

When it comes to South West commercial pest control, at Falcon Environmental Services, we offer our expertise to an extensive range of businesses. From large commercial sites in Plymouth to small local shops and business in the surrounding towns and villages, we can help. Rats, mice, wasps, cockroaches, flies… if pests are a concern for […]

Do You Have Rats or Mice – How to Tell the Difference

how to tell if rats or mice

Scratchings in the middle of the night, chewed wires and unexplained droppings are all signs that you have a rodent problem. But how do you know for sure and how can you tell, in the first instance, what type of rodent it is? We take a look at how to tell if you have rats […]